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Tree Trimming & Pruning Melbourne

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Tree Trimming and Pruning Melbourne

The Tree Loppers is one of the best tree pruning and tree trimming companies in Melbourne. The Tree Loppers is committed to tree preservation in Melbourne. Tree pruning and tree trimming is an important service. The Tree Loppers provides to maintain the safety, health, and structure of your trees.

Maintenance Pruning
Maintenance Pruning

A regular recommendation for many of our clients' trees. Maintenance pruning will address the entire tree canopy. Dead, diseased, and structurally weak limbs are removed. Sometimes, thinning the canopy or removing the overall crown size are recommended. Some people like to prune for a vista, to provide shape, or simply need their trees pruned away from their house or other structure.

Hazard Reduction Pruning
Hazard Reduction Pruning

A more basic approach that addresses the dead and dangerous branches in the tree's crown.

Cabling and Bracing
Cabling & Bracing

Sometimes pruning is not enough, and a mechanical means of support needs to be added. Cables are installed up in the canopy to address certain structural deficiencies, such as weak limb attachment or multiple stems.

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