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The Importance of Trimming Your Hedges Melbourne

At The Tree Loppers, we understand that in Melbourne hedges and shaped plants are a popular ornamental feature in many residential and commercial landscape designs. Melbourne hedges may be of varying size, and may be seasonal or evergreen, but all of them need to be trimmed and can be done by The Tree Loppers. We at The Tree Loppers identify these few reasons why it is important to trim your hedges in Melbourne.


Frequent trimming is important for the health of your hedges. Trimming out dead or diseased parts of the plant will keep the hedge healthier while allowing new growth to proceed. Removing dead wood also reduces the risk of insect problems in the hedge.


Privacy is one of the most common reasons that people plant hedges. Trimming your hedges properly will allow them to fill in completely and provide more privacy. Trimming away plant growth that is moving outward or upward allows the plants to fill in around the center.


Home value is an important consideration with many maintenance projects, and a well-maintained hedge can increase the value of a property when it is time to sell. Of course, the opposite is also true as a poorly trimmed hedge may detract from a home’s value.


Safety may not be the first thing that is considered when thinking about trimming hedges, but there are several ways that it does apply. Keeping taller hedges trimmed may reduce the chance of damage to buildings or vehicles during a storm by limiting the amount of dead wood that can be blown down. Hedges that are near driveways or streets need to be trimmed regularly to prevent them from growing to the point that they block the view of traffic. Hedges that are near walkways should be trimmed to prevent them from overgrowing the walking area and creating a hazardous situation.

The Tree Loppers is able to help you trim and maintain your hedges. Call us or email to request a quote or to learn more about our services.

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