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Arborist Reports Melbourne

Arborist Reports

In Melbourne, a professional Arborist Report is integral to landscaping and property development.

The Tree Loppers can arrange for certified arborist report services in Melbourne for developers and landowners. Whether you want to remove, trim, or preserve a tree on your property in Melbourne an arborist report is an important tool to ensure the tree remains healthy and the proper services are performed. An application to your local council for home or landscaping changes may also need to be accompanied by an arborist report.

The Tree Loppers is a professional tree care company serving all areas of Melbourne.

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What is an Arborist Report?

An arborist report is a written technical report made by a certified arborist. It is a summary and analysis of existing vegetation and present conditions of the site with recommendations on preservation. An arborist report:

  • Identifies species, size and condition of trees
  • Describes tree protection measures
  • Details specific and accurate information about trees including location, condition, structural integrity, life expectancy, infestations and disease
  • Provides reasons for any proposed removal of trees and reasons why
  • Identifies nature of tree work to be undertaken and proper protection methods

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